The Fellas of Peach State Kennels


Andronakis Von Haus Mihailovic "Balou"

Mother: Cuidado Cei-U

Father: Frenki Von Hause Pista

Grandfather: Monaco "Vom Zica Maradona"

Date of birth: 12/24/2013

Direct import from Serbia

IABCA National and International Titles


Frodo Golden Sheild

Mother: Abra Di Gobelja

Father: Pikac Von Haus Drazic

Grandparents: TK's Ivan the Great, Merlin Flash Rouse, Carla of Nicholas Lion, Honda Black Allusion

Date of birth: 06/12/2019

Direct import from Serbi


Angus Von Haus Mihailovic

Mother: Lady Oakley Von Haus Milsped

Father: Andronakis Von Haus Mihailovic

Grandparents: Rip Von Hous Milsped, Monoco Vom Zica Maradona, Cuidado Abracadabra

Date of Birth: 06/23/2017


Alex Deus Dog "Thor"

Mother: Sindy Suny Day's

Father: Japanac Von Haus Drazic

Grandparents: Tk's New Yorker, Dzomba Von Haus Drazic, Honda Black Allusion Jr., Gesa Haus of Lazic, Mauser of Nicola's Lion

Date of Birth: 07/24/2018

Direct import from Serbia